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MOHs Surgery


Mohs surgery stands as a gold standard in precise skin cancer removal. This meticulous procedure involves the systematic removal and examination of tissue layers until cancer-free margins are achieved. The process begins with the surgical removal of visible tumor tissue, followed by precise mapping and microscopic examination to identify any remaining cancer cells. If cancer cells persist, further layers are extracted, minimizing healthy tissue loss. This iterative process continues until the entire tumor is excised, ensuring minimal impact on healthy surrounding skin.


Mohs surgery boasts an exceptional success rate, often exceeding 99% for primary basal cell carcinomas, making it a top choice for treating high-risk or challenging areas like the face, hands, and genitals. Its unparalleled accuracy maximizes preservation of healthy tissue, minimizes scarring, and reduces the likelihood of cancer recurrence, making Mohs surgery a preferred option for effective skin cancer treatment.


We maintain a close collaboration with skilled plastic surgeons who conduct our surgical repairs, ensuring optimal outcomes with minimal scarring.

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